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I started this feature on my blog because I look at the design of everything from everyday household products to food packaging to advertisements. It’s just a natural part of observation. I promise this is not a “hail corporate” feature, but a feature to praise a design and why it has a purpose.


With that being said, good product design is eye catching for the purpose of selling to the consumer. I saw these air fresheners at the store and immediately knew I wanted them, not just because I trust this brand, but because of the design. It’s something I can leave out in my bathroom without it clashing with the decor. The design also makes me think of old wallpaper, which makes me a little nostalgic. It’s important for the consumer to be able to make a connection with a design.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but there’s a reason why companies strive to improve their initial design or in this case, create a “limited edition” version with special branding. Preferences and trends are always evolving. Depending on the product, it’s beneficial for a brand to create a feeling of comfort for the consumer.

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